Brief History

The architectural office “ARCHICON ” has its roots in the original office “DOMI EE. Consultants Architects”.


•During the 90’s ARCHICON studied and oversaw, among others, one of the first shopping centers in Athens, “SANYO CONTINENT MALL” and later “AVENUE”, “VESO-MARE” in Patra, large shops “MARINOPOULOS”, “CONTINENT”, “CARREFOUR”, Hotels in Elounda Crete, Eressos, Mytilene etc.


•Following the partnership of “DOMI EE” with other offices, in 2001, “ARCHICON Ltd. Architectural Architecture Group” was established. ARCHICON Ltd. studied many shopping centers (such as the extension of SANYO CONTINENT MALL to AVENUE, ESCAPE CENTER in Ilion, SMART PARK, METRO MALL) , Commercial parks such as Larissa and Ioannina (“FORUM NIKEA-IOANNINA”). Also studied, among many others, hotels in Milos, Holiday Homes Complexes, Office Buildings, the Ministry of Press & Communications with conference rooms, the post-Olympic phase of the Galatsi (turned to a shopping center), the conversion of warehouses in Piraeus to a multi-storey “JUMBO“ and so on.


•After 2011 the company “ARCHICON” was created. Since then, our office has studied and supervised many projects such as the construction of new stores, the study of hotels in Lygia-Kiato-Diminios, the renovation of the hotel SAN AGOSTINO in Kalamata, the renovation of the CARREFOUR PLANET supermarkets (Alimos and Amaroussion) “MARINOPOULOS” super market renovations, new stores and renovations for “MARKS & SPENCER” and “M & S FOOD”, “STARBUCKS” stores, “GAP” stores, metal constructions such as roofing in “ELVAL” industry, conversion and reuse of existing industries in a commercial park in MARE WEST at Korinthos, wich includes the supermarket “SKLAVENITIS” and recently the conversion and reuse of the KOSMOPOLIS complex on Kifissias Avenue in a new large shop with underground car park.


•Our office offers consulting services to all our clients, such as: “ACS American community school”, to all companies of the “MARINOPOULOS SA” group, to the group “VIOHALCO SA”, “HERALD SA” (for ESCAPE CENTER& VESO MARE shopping parks), “VITA DEVELOPMENT” company for the development of new shopping centers, “TROPIA HOLDING AEBE” shopping center “AVENUE”.


Our office is flexible and capable of a wide range of architectural services. We have experience in designing and executing a great variety of projects, from large-scale buildings and retail outlets to even small indoor spaces.
i) Initial stage

  • Project organization
    • Survey and definition of basic design characteristics
    • Initial budgeting
    ii) Design stage
  • Design Phase
  • Concept Design
  • Issurance of initial permits / licenses
  • Basic design applicable to permits and licenses
  • Detail implementation design applicable to construction
  • Detail design
  • Materials and systems evaluation
  • Design overview
  • Issuance of final permits / licenses
  • Scheduling
    • Detail Budgeting
    • Value Engineering

iii) Implementation stage

  • Construction phase Value Engineering
  • Design proofing
  • On Site Supervision & Quality Control
  • Construction management
  1. iv) Finalization and after-completion stage
  • Maintenance and guarantee period consultancy

Through all the steps we are in charge of, we stay in touch with the client organizing meetings for presentation and reporting, as well as offering architectural advice.


Manos Pantelidis

Studied at U.P.A. GRENOBLE.
Has over 30 years of experience.

Niki Ainatzi

Architect-Engineer. Senior architect.
Studied at National Technical University of Athens.
Has over 20 years of experience.

Themis Pantelidis

Studied at Technical University of Crete

Roula Giannada

Studied at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Has over 10 years of experience.

Ntina Augousti

Civil-Engineer TE.
Studied at Department of Civil Engineering TΕ Athens.
Has over 15 years of experience.

Angelos Papakonstantinou

Programmer & PC Analyst.
Senior draughtsman-Cg artist.
Studied at SBE.
Has over 25 years of experience.

Collaborating Offices Abroad