Archicon Koutsoudakis | tourist complex – Milos
Architectural practice of Archicon Koutsoudakis, in Athens , Greece.
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tourist complex – Milos

2015, Milos

concept stage

The days of the Alkyon

This is a proposal for a tourist complex situated in Milos, at the bay of Adamas which is one of the biggest and safest in the Meditterranean sea.

The complex “Alkyon” will be erected on a privately owned plot at the area of Eptastomos. The main street of the complex connects Adamas with the area of Pollonia, which is the second port towards the island of Kimolos.

Building complex A  will be erected on a ground overlooking the Port of Adamas, it consists of a main building and a two storey bungalows. The same applies for complex B, while Complex C is only ground floor bungalows. At ground level the structures form various internal/sitting spaces for guests. Those spaces will be planted with local species of trees and plants, the outdoor pool is also found here.

The design is adapted to the standards and specifications of the Cycladic Architecture and the traditional materials and local elements.


Facts and Figures




4070 m2


4 buildings

813 m2

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