Archicon Koutsoudakis | Ten Brinke office complex
Architectural practice of Archicon Koutsoudakis, in Athens , Greece.
Archicon, Koutsoudakis, Archicon Koutsoudakis,
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Ten Brinke office complex

2019, Athens

in progress

Striped Light and Darkness

An ensemble of two adjacent buildings at the intersection of Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and Ksenias Street, the office building complex for Ten Brinke features generous working spaces and is located at the centre of Athens, minutes from public transportation. Energy saving transportation is further encouraged by bicycle parking facilities that are provided.

Materials have been chosen in keeping with the surrounding structures to unify old and new. Glazing and cladding create a horizontal rythm of glass panes and aluminium panels.  Natural light and ventilation are further controlled by a louvered system that modulates solar gain, at street level these slats control air, glare and visibility.

The overall effect is a striped pattern of light and darkness engulfing the  two main elevations in a 90 deegre motif only interrupted by oriel windows, (erkers) typically found in the buildings of this area.


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